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Can't enable save-to-delicious in Firefox extension

Because the Chrome extension has stopped working (<>), and other reasons, I'm switching to Firefox again, and I've enabled the "save my bookmarks to Delicious too" feature. But the bookmarks I've saved so far using the Firefox extension haven't gone to Delicious, and the "Bookmark Elsewhere" section of the extension's preferences claims I need to "set up," even though I already have, and this doesn't change even if I remove my Delicious account and add it again.

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  • Jonathan LovelaceJonathan Lovelace commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not quite. The interface is unchanged---so there's no way to tell whether any save-to-suchandsuch-too option except the local/browser bookmarks is enabled---but saving a bookmark does add it to Delicious. (This reveals a problem with the way you send tags, but I'll add that as a new bug.)

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