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Awesome Screenshot v1.3.7 for Safari 6.0 on OS X 10.8.1 (Mountain Lion)

Please Update Urgent!!!
AwesomeScreenshot Do not allow to capture more than the top view of a Webpage.
The Full-page Screen-capture isn't available anymore.
It only authorise to capture the top visible part of the webpage.
Even if you scroll down the page and select or Full-page, or Visible part of the page, It only captures and renders the top of the webpage.
??? This situation is quite old now.

on Mountain Lion, AwesomeScreenShot seems to work fully:
- with last version of Chrome
- and with the last version of Firefox

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nreed106nreed106 shared a merged idea: You fix the problem where Awesome Screenshot won't capture an entire web page, half the time it works, the other half it does not  ·   · 
Johnson WangJohnson Wang shared a merged idea: Awesome Screenshot can't work with Safari 6 after upgrading Mountain Lion  ·   · 


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