I suggest you ...

Turn this into a think pool / P.M. business tool, or research hub for college students, or all three -

I don't know if I mentioned this before but,... first off I love your company and what your doing here so far. I want to suggest to you that you make this site much better and far more powerful than Delicious... so far so good, but where I'm going with this you may have a lot more work to do.

OK,... I use your site and realized that it would be awesome in conjunction with a greater notes system, Pictures (i noticed that you purchased 'Awesome Screenshot'... good job!, video links (for tutorials, etc) such as youtube but organized in a unique high intelligence sophisticated college student manner... at leased try to cater it to the real changers of this world. Also, you should definitely create a time management, planner or project management system out of this that you can turn into a pay service.

Allow people to have everything but the elite project management system for free and all the serious movers can pay a small fee. Make it reasonably priced, like 3-10 bucks per month depending on the level they want access to (create three or four package deals) and undermine all the expensive crap PM cloud sites that only care about themselves and their pocket books. Who know who's behind those fly-by-night sites?

You are in a wonderful position with all the marketing, the now famous name (your currently in the spotlight). Now is your chance to make the world spin at a better rate. Don't loose it by planning and speculating... just do it.

I'm a Graphic Designer with a BA from The Art Institute located in Phoenix... i'm far above average with my skill and have a highly clean proffessional style. I'm good at a great many things especially marketing and design but business, linguistics (tri-lingual) and more too. I'm Looking for an employer that I can love to work for. You're It in my opinion! If you like my suggestions, You should contact me... we can chat, find a common ground and create true successes together. I can do a lot more than type messages.


Enjoy your days guys & gals!

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