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grouping the tags for better research relations

when you create tags, they can be used in a variety of things. So, I would like to create custom tag relation groups(linking of tags) which can help in shaping a research.
for example I use a tips tag for variety of tags ranging from tech.travel,food etc.
but some tags are used only for specific purposes like the tag(which is the name of a place) .
So, if you are an avid tagger, then you may be faced a problem of sorting tags. So, the linking tags will give you a more focussed direction to both arranging you research & accessing it later.

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    That is also a good thing but what I suggested was that you should map your tags to form a research group cause some tags are very specific and while searching for all tags they will create an unnecessary clutter. In other words, we can create a tag dashboard where you can visually connect you tag groups,define sets & subsets, thereby giving us a more powerful tool to organize our data.

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