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Fix the major hilighter bug on the iPad

Hey there. There seems to be a bug on the iPad that causes the highlighter function (the main reason I use Diigo) to crash. When the browser loads, I'm always able to click and use the highlighter functrion. But [?something?] happens, and suddenly when I highlight text, no option pops up to highlight, copy, search - nada. For me, this happens literally every time I use the browser. It does't recover until I restart my ipad. I've conjectured that it's related to emailing highlight summaries. It's a major interruption in work. Please fix?

Second: this is a workflow I'm using to get around something else. I use diigo + evernote to conduct oline research. I want to clip my hilighted content into Evernote. Since the Evernote plugin doesn't bring over the highlighted content - just the title - I have to email it to Evernote. Normally this workaround is fine, but if it breaks the highlighter function every time I use it, I can't effectively use the tool.

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Sandy_diigoSandy_diigo responded  · 

Can you please tell us what is the version of browser? Can you please go to http://news.yahoo.com/ to test weather you can make highlights on this page? If not,please try to sign out and sign in again?


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  • Mark VickersMark Vickers commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Three years later, and this bug is not fixed!! Every time I launch the Diigo browser on my iPad 3, iOS 7, it crashes within about 30 seconds. Even the 'report crash' window is inaccessible.

    Tried uninistalling, hard reset, reinstalling a fresh copy from the App Store - exact same behaviour every time.

    I'd like to continue supporting Diigo, as I have done for ten years now - but if it is not going to support devices properly, I guess I'll have to switch to the (much inferior for research, but at least it works across platforms) Evernote. I wouldn't even mind if there was a usable iPad Chrome extension: but for some reason, although Chrome lists seven other means of 'sharing', Diigo cannot be added to that list.

    Sad, frustrated and disappointed, and about to export my Diigo libraries to Evernote,


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