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Fix the major hilighter bug on the iPad

Hey there. There seems to be a bug on the iPad that causes the highlighter function (the main reason I use Diigo) to crash. When the browser loads, I'm always able to click and use the highlighter functrion. But [?something?] happens, and suddenly when I highlight text, no option pops up to highlight, copy, search - nada. For me, this happens literally every time I use the browser. It does't recover until I restart my ipad. I've conjectured that it's related to emailing highlight summaries. It's a major interruption in work. Please fix?

Second: this is a workflow I'm using to get around something else. I use diigo + evernote to conduct oline research. I want to clip my hilighted content into Evernote. Since the Evernote plugin doesn't bring over the highlighted content - just the title - I have to email it to Evernote. Normally this workaround is fine, but if it breaks the highlighter function every time I use it, I can't effectively use the tool.

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Sandy_diigoSandy_diigo responded  · 

Can you please tell us what is the version of browser? Can you please go to http://news.yahoo.com/ to test weather you can make highlights on this page? If not,please try to sign out and sign in again?

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