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Allow jpg images in Notes

It would be great if you allowed jpg images in QuickNotes. That way we can drag the logo from say our bank, Airline, CC company etc., sites and have a quick visual for what we are looking for. The old "Notes" program in Mac)S9 which still works in SNow Leopard is able to do that.

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  • kanbarcikanbarci commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey =D,

    This is my situation and was wondering if you could help me..

    I had to go into my hard drive n recover files from my notes (it was not saved in diigo or local) however i was able to recover ONE GIANT FILE

    the problem is all this other coding shows up when I open it on text edit it shows, however has all this other coding around it, which makes it nearly impossible to see properly (over 300 pages). I was wondering if their was any software or program that can open up my quick note file ( which shows as 1 individual file (even though i had over a hundred separate notes)....wood i b able to see it on another macbook
    is there a convertor that can convert it to text that doesnt include all the extra coding
    or can i only view my old notes properly from my own macbook pro's quick note app??

    what kind of file does quick note notes save as

    is their a way u guys might have the files saved on hand even though i didn't have a dingo account at that time


  • Vijay KantavilVijay Kantavil commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes please enable this, I was dumbfound when I couldn't find the insert image icon on the rich text header on the website.

    Every other proper note taking application - Docs, Springpad, Evernote has this feature and it is time for Diigo to upgrade the note section.

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