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Editing List URLs

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  • Vijay KantavilVijay Kantavil commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As of now, when you create a list on Diigo, you only have one opportunity to change that list URL; at point of creation.

    Why change the list URLs you ask?

    Well, I know of no other way to search for a Diigo list from the browser (Google Chrome) then utilizing the GET queries in Diigo API (older version).


    Since it searches list as URLs, I have got into the practice of shortening editable portion of my URLs to just two characters to facilitate searching. But I have over 50 other lists in archive that I have not confirmed to these parameters and no other way to do so then manual migration.

    I suggest this because enabling the freedom to change list URLs from time to time will help organizing the data that we accumulate in Diigo and making it easier to retrieve.

    I understand this could create conflicts as people could be changing URLs all the time. How about creating a cross check search, much like the one that exist when verifying that your username is available when you sign-up for a service.

    I have also experimented with the V2 APIs however I couldn't seem to get it to work. I was using:


    I received the error message:

    {"message":"Error detected. Please check your input. Contact service@diigo.com if there's any problem."}

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