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Internet Explorer Accelerator

I for one do not like having a bar integrated on my browser. I am using IE9 and love the trimmed down interface. I was wondering if you guys could make an Accelerator for IE that does essentially what this add-in does for chrome(http://bit.ly/fLAphr) mostly having the ability to add it without having to add information. I want to be able to save the link, default the title to the pages title and move on.

With that particular addin i like that I can click "Read it Later" and it closes the tab, that way everything is done and I can move on with what I was doing.

This part is extra, but when I was using chrome I had that application pinned to my taskbar and left it open so I had my browsing session going and had my links in another window. I was wondering if you could make an auto reloading page so whenever I add something into my list it shows up without having to reload the page.

Anyone else like this idea?

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