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Off-line work in iPad

I think the iPad app will be far more useful if you could is off-line. That is: being able to read a cached version of the pages off-line and to highlight and comment it off-line too. Later, when a connection is available, the app will sync with diigo to keep all the annotations and highlights in the cloud.

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    I agree with this posting. The technology enhances learning line is probably getting a little thin now, given that technology pervades our working and leisure lives to the extent it does. Preparing young people for the world of work (which is what politicians and industry leaders say they want), means preparing them to work flexibly with technology. The only proviso I would add to the argument is one which will counter the technological conservatives who will see the pervasion of technology as obscuring some kind of ‘real’ content which the students should learn. Parody this as the students being great at angry birds, but not knowing the first thing about how gravity works…So to counter the technological conservatives, I would say that truly great practice in teaching using technology does see it as embedded totally within the learning as you indicate, but there are also times when technology is set aside to practice other skills. Face to face debate and conversation is important, as it listening to people talk and working out what they mean. Giving young people opportunities to do this are not incompatible with a curriculum which is very rich with opportunities to learn using technology at other times.

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