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Diigo documents - save and search documents in computer...instead of websites, personal docs.

I have dozens of files in my computer. I need a way to store all of my documents and folders in ONE management system.
Many of these folders contain the same documents because I need them for different things. When I change one document I often forget what other folders that document is in and don't save it to there. So, I end up with multiple version of documents.
I need to be able to create one document and then tag it to filter into different folders.
Million dollar idea.

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  • Brad PollardBrad Pollard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you use Apple, this is done with a program called DevonThink, which is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a good Windows version, but they exist. It was not clear also from your comment if you are looking for an exclusive online program, offline (such as DT mentioned above), or a hybrid. Some of your requests might go slightly beyond what Diigo's purview might be (who knows about the future, though!). Thanks.

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