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Option to Export my annotations..

Highly recommended to have an option to export the annotated text to serve as a backup.

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  • Jaakko HellerantaJaakko Helleranta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hmm. This is getting really unfortunate! I've been a huge fan of and advocate for Diigo for years and have really only been waiting for the export of annotations to arrive until I would sign up for premium. I, too, am starting to think that not having the possibility to export the highlights in ANY way does really (at this point) start to feel like it's being done on purpose and that the purpose would be to lock users into using Diigo. I don't understand why there would not otherwise be e.g. a simple option to export the highlights as xml/csv/etc.

    I am sorry but on my part it's working in the precise opposite direction. I've started to look for an alternative and am quite frankly disappointed that I have to do it because that's really one of the very few features that I think Diigo is missing (on top of decent mobile experience, that is).

    I would very much appreciate a response from Diigo to this because I'd really love to continue to use Diigo.

  • Jack_78Jack_78 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

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  • Stephen DigbyStephen Digby commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Current export only exports the bookmarks not the precious annotations I have made.
    Need export to include all annotations.

  • somehostsomehost commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would also be useful to be able to export images in the form of a contact sheet that contains the notes and tags. PDF would a be great first start.

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