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Change where the Diigo logo sends you.

As a new user it is really confusing for me. When I type diigo.com into my url bar it takes me to my profile. This is brilliant! This is what I want to happen, I have already registered, I do not need to see your home page again. I only need to see my personalised profile.

However, when signed in, when I click on the Diigo logo.. the expected action is to go to my personalised profile page. The actual action is this.. http://www.diigo.com/index

This page has no value to me, I do not need to 'get started'. I already have. There is no link to my library. I can see my profile but this is only confusing to new users or at least to me. When I click on this I am looking for my library, instead I find my public links and the first thing I think is... 'where the hell did my book marks go'.

Could you change the Diigo logo to point to your profile when logged in. Cheers

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