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Cached pages: Include highlights and sticky notes


Whenever I work with Diigo, highlighting stuff and creating sticky notes (I mainly do that when reading only books to educate myself), I am worried that the URL of the website might eventually change and all my work would be lost. A collection of notes without the according text in my library is not really helpfull.

When I saw that the premium account offers a "cached pages" feature, I immediatly registered. thinking this would be the end of my worries. However, I was somewhat disappointed when I tested this feature. The cached pages are there all right, but the highlights and sticky notes are not. So my work is still not saved.

Is it possible to not only cache there bare page, but also the highlights and sticky notes? If not, I would strongly suggest such a feature. This is the only way one can be sure of not suddenly loosing all the work.

Thank you very much and kind regards


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