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Let me post public sticky notes, I'm not a spamming bot

If I want to post a public sticky note, I get this message: "To reduce spam, posting public notes is a privilege reserved for active and trusted users. " In the beginning I didn't notice that my stickies weren't public, but then I realised that and started wondering I diigo really deserves my attention any more, because I am really into making public comments; For some unknown reason, there is a certain category of people that can't post public sticky notes, I've checked it out. Wouldn't it be more simple to do one of those spam tests instead of banning me from the public opinion? Aw, and I can't even send private messages to members, for the same reason. Please fix this!

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Valentin CiocanelValentin Ciocanel shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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Only premium users and educator have access to public sticky notes.As for the group usage, you can choose to share notes to the designated group.
We received a lot of complaints about some spam notes. eg,the google page.We take this mechanism out of consideration to block out spammers.
@Shaun Hainey
Since we are a small team, we have limited time and resources, we must focus on our main tasks.
Sticky note is not as frequently used as other core features. Therefore we cannot support the ability for users to vote posts up & down and to flag specific posts as spam.


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